Monday, December 30, 2013

One Moment In Time: Wedding Day Memories

Hey Gang!

I have been writing this for a while now and now that I have my pics now I can finish! Woot Woot! So I want to first shout out all of my vendors for our day. You guys were amaze balls. The other amazing this was the majority of my vendors were Jackson State University Alums. It was pretty cool. Any who, let's get to it....

On September 21, 5:30 am, I awakened to hurry to my hair appointment. It was pouring raining at this time. My hairstyle was inspired by YouTube tutorial by MahoganyKnots.  My aunt Shannon hooked me up chile. My hair piece was the hair piece my step-mom wore her wedding day to my dad. Next was make-up by my boo Shari Wilson. Those who know me, know that I don't wear make up and I really don't like it. *shrugs* But my girl hooked me up. I wanted a natural look and then she asked if I wanted lashes. I laughingly declined but her and my mom talked me into it. Soooo...for the the first time in my life I wore lashes. It felt so weird at first but as time went by I got used to it.  We were all having a blast, laughing and joking getting dolled up. Next was to get the dress on. Lord, who knew that a wedding dress was so freaking heavy! I don't think I want to ever wear another one ever again in life. For serious! Then enters Carlyn Photography and the magic begins. These guys went above and beyond the call of duty and I am forever grateful. So here was the end result:

So it is time for me to walk over to the venue and I was hidden in the bathroom. My paw and I were stashed in the ladies bathroom and we talked and laughed. He told me how proud of me he was and that I did good. I got teary eyed but my inner thug stopped it. *giggles*

So the big moment begins. I didn't have any jitters. I was more nervous about tripping and falling in that heavy dress. I walked in to Brian McKnight's Still in Love. When I walked in, I was in awe. It was beautiful! I couldn't imagine that it would be that beautiful. Shout out to Gooch Services for the planning and decor.

 I look around I remember everyone that was there and who wasn't -_-. I then look at my boo and Lord does that man look good in a suit! Amen and hallelujah! I see him getting teary eyed and I'm all awwww but of course I hold on to my thug.

As my dad gives me away, boo whispers in my ear that I looked beautiful. *swoon*

The ceremony proceeds and all goes great.

 THEN, my sis, Ms. Kiana Day, sangs like the angels in heaven and even made our minister go hmph. Chile she sang the Lord's Prayer like no other and had everyone looking for the collection plate and the alter to lay their burdens on. Woo Chile!

We are finally pronounced husband and wife and we march out to Earth, Wind and Fire's September. The party begins and our DJ, DJ Phingaprint, is jamming to the fullest.

As I've written before, earlier that week, my baby sis and niece were in a really bad accident. The day of the wedding my niece was still in a coma in PICU. As the wedding party was being reintroduced to every one, I saw my dad rushing to where we were in the foyer. He tells me that my niece had just awakened. I told him to eat something and then go. It was such a joy to know that my niecey poo was awake. We are then introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Parker II and shimmy in to Beyonce's Love on Top. We then have our first dance to Brian McKnight's Love of My Life.

 The food was amaze balls and the cakes....YAAAASSS!
Like the cake testing didn't do these cakes any justice. Thanks to Dream Cakes for an amazing job!

 We then started having a blast dancing and taking pics in the photo booth. Let me stop here and thank Mojo Photo Booth for being so sweet. They actually called after the wedding to check on my niece and offer encouraging words and prayers. They really don't know how much all of that meant to me.

Next was the sorority song! Shout out to my sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. *Skee-Wee* We had a blast.

Next were the toasts. If my sis Stephanie Berry, my matron of honor, didn't have me losing all my thug. And the party kept going!

As I reflect on that day through pictures and videos, I must say it was the most beautiful day ever! I plan to have a small "redo" of the ceremony once my niece begins to walk again and I imagine it to be just as emotional. I want to thank everyone who helped our day to be so special. I thank those friends and family who ran last minute errands, who flew in early to help out, keep me calm, relax, etc.I love you guys dearly. Thanks to all my great vendors. Thanks to the best and funnest bridal party ever! Thanks to everyone who made our day special and memorable. Please enjoy a few pics from our day! Until next time....


Doc J Parker :)

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